Illinois Library Embraces Crowdfunding To Bring Its Patrons A 3D Printer (And A Giant Hulk Statue)


Retooling the traditional public library for a more technically savvy populace is no small feat, especially when library budgets across the U.S. have been gutted these past few years.

That sad state of events has forced some libraries to take matters into their own hands. Consider the case of the Northlake Public Library in Northlake, Illinois — it wants to give its community (and especially the town’s children) access to a slew of new digital creation tools to help inspire the next generation of makers and artists, and it’s decided to turn to Indiegogo in hopes of making it happen.

All told, Northlake trustee Tom Mukite is looking to raise $30,000 to outfit the library with an iMac, a drawing tablet, a Wacom Cintiq display, a fancy lightbox, and (perhaps most tantalizing) a 3D printer for youngsters and local makers to feed their projects to.

In a bid to attract…

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