Information Literacy and Archives

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October is both American Archives Month and National Information Literacy Awareness Month. Keeping that in mind, I thought I’d address these issues before October ends. Really, I should have written this sooner.American Archives Month

Last year, two of my first posts on this blog addressed information literacy. “Modern Reference = Information Literacy” demonstrated how information literacy skills can be taught one-on-one at the reference desk. In short, explaining every step of the search process and checking for comprehension allows for basic skills to be taught. “Why Information Literacy is Important” pointed out how information literacy supports both life long learning and independence. In both posts, the The Association of College and Research Library’s (ACRL) Information Literacy Competency Standards were discussed in relation to the post.

The highlight of those posts could be summed up in this quote from “Modern Reference:”

The idea here is that by showing the…

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