Goodbye Reading I Say Hello

Digital Modernisms

The Future of Books

We have spent eleven weeks now dabbling in the Digital Humanities. We have mined, mapped and modelled our way through Modernism.  We have wrangled endlessly with Omeka, and often also each other (for if there is one thing that I forgot in three years of undergraduate literary academia and that the digital humanities have brought home to me, it is that group dynamics exist, and they are important.  Not easy, but important.)  We have blogged laboriously (most) weekends, and this will be my final post of the semester.

Towards the end of this course, our tutor asked us: ‘Do you think people will ever stop reading?’ (In context, I think she meant ‘close reading’.) A most daunting question.  Indeed, much of what we have learnt has tended to pit distant reading against close reading, networks against linear narratives, the .txtual against the textual.  The former, we have been told repeatedly…

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