Photos: Danish libraries – inside and out


My first ‘adult job’ (before that I’d had some atrocious jobs, including an evening-gig as Fowl Abattoir Cleaner…yes, that’s a title….which was like the cleaning version of Holiday on Ice…especially if they had been slaughtering ducks during the day…) had to do with libraries and archives.

Pretty lucky it did, actually, as I had somehow made my way through three and then some years education at the Royal Danish School for Library and Information Science. Yes, the school’s name was pretty much the coolest thing about it…but a title like that is hard to beat 🙂

Talking of cool, that’s what I think books and libraries are. I. Like. Books.

That might actually be part of what makes a geek a geek – we’ve almost all spent a lot of time at local libraries, reading books and comics, sort of sauntering towards the adult section when no-one was looking. Just generally soaking up the atmosphere and being in the company of the knowledge and imagination of thousands of authors in the shape of their books.

Personally, I used to like picking up a book, look at the author’s name and imagine when and where the book was written. It usually involved people in spectacles hunched over typewriters, a drink and cigarette at the ready, or sitting in professor types sitting in rooms where books lined every wall, were lying on the floor and just generally stacked on every flat surface in a way that was either a) the planned scheme of a genius or b) a complete, chaotic mess…I always liked to think it was option a, and sometimes envisioned the writer getting up from his desk, looking around the room, before proceeding to move one stack from the floor to a nearby couch, looking around again with approving eyes, while mumbling something like: ‘well, if Napoleon had deployed his troops that way, he would definitely have conquered Russia,’ before sitting down and continuing his writing.

My local library and its interior layout were somehow soothing and stimulating at the same time…hmm, I seem to be waffling on about childhood and memories like someone training to be a granddad…now where’s my crossword and when’s bingo?

What I wanted to say was that I love libraries in general and Danish libraries in particular which is why I wanted to share a gallery of pictures of them – both their exterior and interior. Hope you enjoy 🙂




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