The Brut

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The oldest book I’ve ever cataloged is this:

brut1Here it is, laying in a protective box.    It had languished for some time in the “backlog” of items that never had electronic records created when my library moved from a card catalog to a computer catalog.  This was a very fairly common issue (and still is, really) because libraries rely on cooperative bibliographic databases for the vast majority of their catalog records.  But most libraries have a lot of rare, or even unique, items — like this one — that need original cataloging.  (Of course every new publication needs an original record too; it’s just that once it’s made, libraries can all share it!)

Anyway this is a book that was made in the 15th century, to judge by the handwriting.  It has 99 numbered leaves, plus a few leaves pasted into the front and back later with scribbled notes.


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